Crisis Can Revitalize Old Ways

So much has changed as a result of the corona virus crisis. Many products and services saw demand plummet, often because of mandates. On the other hand, some products or services can actually experience revitalization as a result of the crisis.

An example is drive-in movies. Popular a long time ago, drive-in movie theatres had more recently become a dying breed.  But, the corona virus changed that and led to the revitalization of drive-in movies. With traditional movie theatres and many other entertainment venues shut down by the virus, drive-in movies were now in demand. Drive-ins offered a way to safely enjoy an outing to the movies in a time of social distancing.

The revitalization of drive-in movie theatres is discussed in the June 20-21, 2020 Wall Street Journal article “Screen Time, Alfresco“ by William Sertl. According to the article, “Among the more surprising consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic: renewed affection for parking lots with movie screens. Some 300 drive-ins currently operate across the U.S., according to the United Drive-In Theatre Association.” But, it’s not just traditional drive-in movie theatres that are now in demand. The Wall Street Journal article says, “In Astoria, Queens, the 24-hour Bel-Aire Diner reconfigured its 45 parking spots to host outdoor films (for $32 a car).”

Like older technologies, an old fashioned drive-in movie theatre can still have a viable position in the marketplace as long as that old way still offers some advantage. The social distancing associated with corona virus reignited the advantageous position of drive-in movie theatres.  As a result of the virus crisis, drive-in movies have regained popularity due to their newly reemerging advantage.

Of course, as with many of the changes brought on by the pandemic, it is unknown how long drive-in movies will remain popular. Nonetheless, the virus crisis certainly did change what is in demand.  While many recreational industries were shut down by the pandemic, drive-in movies have made a thriving comeback.

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