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Businesses strive for growth. Innovation is often viewed as the key to growth. And, marketing is expected to drive growth. Yet, precious time and money are lost on growth derailing detours. Audiences with growth agendas will want to hear market analyst, researcher and strategic advisor Phyllis Ezop's perspective on the latest trends, fads, and pitfalls that leaders encounter along the road to profitable business development.

Phyllis Ezop's 20 plus years of research unveils powerful patterns that pave the way toward accelerated growth. She finds that companies grow by making "Winning Moves", which often defy conventional wisdom and challenge outdated assumptions.

A thought provoking speaker who provides fresh perspectives, Phyllis presents for executive development sessions, as well as for leadership conferences and special events. Her talks are also ideal for strategy sessions or board meetings.

Choose from the popular Winning Moves® Presentations Topics. You can also request programs covering any of the Winning Moves® Special Reports, or a program customized to your objectives.