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About Us

Phyllis Ezop, President of Ezop and Associates, has been researching success and failure patterns in business growth for over 25 years. Her decades long study examines how the moves a company makes determine whether or not the business thrives. Her research identifies Winning Moves for successful business growth, including innovation, marketing's changing role, new frameworks for getting value from marketing information, and what huge corporations can learn from the most successful entrepreneurs. Her findings do not always agree with conventional wisdom. But, they are based upon research and they work.

Well aware early on that even companies with the most impressive records can meet with failure, Ezop did not try to identify which companies were most successful. Instead, she concentrated upon studying the moves a company makes. For over 20 years, she has been looking at what moves repeatedly succeed and what moves consistently fail, regardless of whether the company doing it is or is not considered great. She finds that the patterns associated with making Winning Moves hold up over time. And, she finds that businesses are most successful when they evolve.

This section provides Ezop's background and philosophy, including discussion of how her Winning Moves® Programs and Services came about.